2015 Year in Review

In 2015 we were so blessed with so many wonderful experiences and adventures! Were are some of the highlights :)

1.) Awards

We were beyond excited to start the year off being named as one of Canada's Top 30 most Inspiring Wedding Photographers for 2015 by Wedding Bells. This was beyond my wildest dreams and a complete honour! 

See my image on the far right with the beautiful ladies with flower crowns! 



2.) Features

I was so happy to have work featured in numerous publications and blogs. 

Styled in Lace (the most awesome local bridal resource)

Alice in Wonderland Stylized Shoot

Steph and Ryan Engagement

Katie and Luke's Valley Engagement

Sonya and Russ Hubbards Barn Wedding

Wedding Bells

Katie and Luke's Halifax Wedding

Laura and Jay's Barn Wedding

Halifax Weddings

Katrina Tuttle Bridal Collection

A Bicycle Built for Two

Courtney and Deanna's Engagement

Fine Lifestyles

Best Western Brides 

3. Go Live HQ

In may of this year I went to Nashville Tennessee to revamp my site with Go Live HQ. The girls were absolutely amazing to work with. They made the redesign super easy. There was so many extras and thoughtful details sprinkled throughout the experience like head shots, giveaways, and tasty treats. I met some wonderful people who I will always consider friends. 

Also, I'm totally itching to get back to explore Nashville more!


4.) Travel

Besides, the lovely Nashville I also spent time in Saskatchewan and Manitoba meeting both sides of my in-laws family. These are all iphone pictures since I was running after my adorable 2 year old son :) 



Also... CUBA with my husband earlier in the year! This pineapple contained a delicious rum drink ;) 


5.) Inheritance - Denise Kelly LeBlanc

Though I love weddings sometimes its feels great to stretch into other genres. I enjoyed every minute of helping to create local author Denise LeBlanc's cover for her premier novel Inheritance. Further more, the cover won bronze from authorsdb.com cover contest!

One of my fav from the shoot!

You can buy the book here!


5.) Bridesmaiding! 

I had the wonderful honour and privilege to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends in the whole world. Ashley is nothing short of an amazing, kind, and inspirational person. Among her many talents she also owns the wonderful Cocoa Organic Spa in Mahone Bay which everyone should check out :) 



6.) Lunenburg Photography Society 

I was totally honoured when Mike Bernier  (good friend and talented photographer) asked me to speak to the Lunenburg Photography Society. I spoke told them about my experiences, growing as a photographer, and so much more! Below is a screenshot from my presentation. These pictures were taken over 4 years in almost the exact same spot. Talk about progression!


7.) My Boys

Nothing would be possible in my life without these two guys :) 

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Chantal Routhier

Halifax Wedding Photographer - named as one of Canada's Top 30 Inspiring Wedding Photographers for 2015 by Wedding Bells Magazine