Dark and Stormy Stylized Shoot

Ever have things come together so perfectly that you knew it was meant to be?

Last year Katrina Tuttle and Stephanie Brown (among many other talented vendors) collaborated on a stunning seaside stylized shoot! We all knew going into this year we had to create something magical again!

Katrina Tuttle Bridal made the most stunning black and white dress for our model Maggie! Katrina’s beautiful and masterful creations are truly a work of art. She isn’t afraid to go beyond wedding white and explore color. Just wait to you check out the soft movement in this beautiful dress. This is what dreams are made out of!

Actually I’m going to give Katrina a whole other section of thanks and appreciation. Not only did she make a work of art for Maggie to wear. She also custom painted the flatwear black, and died the silk table runner to match the dress! The location is actual a family friend of hers. Right now Im incredibly thankful for her involved in the shoot!

Stephanie Brown of Skys the Limit can put a room, table or stylized shoot like a pro. She incorporated all the different elements of the shoot into one beautiful table top package for us! She used rich hues, raw crystal, and geometric shapes to make our dark yet dreamy shoot come true!  This girl is a mind reader!

For the beautiful florals we have Amanda from Humble Burdock! Amanda worked with us to create this magical bouquet. Honestly Im a little obsessed with it! So many wonderful colors and textures! Amanda truly created something unique and special for us!

For Maggie’s makeup we had the oh so talented Elle Munster. Elle is a truly a professional makeup artist through and through! Elle truly highlighted all of Maggies stunning features! Also, look at that skin! Elle truly knows how to look the flawless skin pop while is appears soft and light! She is a magician as far as Im concerned and Im so happy she rocked it all day long on the shoot!

For hair we had the wonderful Tara Flemming! Now Maggie does have a full head of long thick curls. I’m still figuring out how Tara has it perfectly coifed into this beautiful updo! Tara may have had one of the most challenging jobs of the day. You may not be able to tell but it was crazy windy and rainy the day of the shoot. Yet Tara and Elle were able to create looks that looked soft yet held up in the elements. You guy are rock stars!

Meaghan of Just Iced Custom Cakes made us a beautiful black cake just for our shoot! She truly out did herself! Make sure you take a peek at the texture and shape of the cake! Also, Meaghan’s sugar flowers are beyond perfect. She also gets major props from coming out in the storm and shielding her cake for the rain! Major dedication points right there!

For the beautiful hair piece we were so lucky to have Nicole McInnis of OH DINA! Make the sweetest little gold creation! Nicole’s work is a just further testament to how she can create the perfect custom piece for any bride to be! Definitely check her out if you haven’t already!

Also, for the most magical earrings we have the beautiful local store and jewelry line of Earth Goddess!  Earth Goddess it’s truly a hidden gem in the Halifax Hydrostone market! The ladies there can always help you select the perfect pieces for you and your bridesmaids! They also do the most stunning custom work too.

Last not least of all we have Lisa of Scribble and Script! You heart will skip a beat when you see these beautiful hand crafted stationery suite! Oh my I had no idea such pretty things could exist!  Thanks so much for creating these little master pieces for us!

Big props to the llama Salsa and the wonderful Van de Reit family who hosted us! We are all so thankful you let us destroy your house for a day! Also, a big thanks to our favorite model Maggie who was beyond perfection for the shoot! Tiana I dont have enough words to show my gratitude for all your help during this project! Thank you for help fix ALL the things all teh time. You Rock! 


Chantal Routhier

Halifax Wedding Photographer - named as one of Canada's Top 30 Inspiring Wedding Photographers for 2015 by Wedding Bells Magazine