Nervous Before You Shoot a Wedding?

As promised, I want to share everything I know about shooting weddings! It's a big expectation that you can walk into a room, a place, a time and simply know, and command it all! It takes times, experience, and a whole lot of mess ups! But guess what friends I've done all the mistakes for you and are here to share the awesome sauce I've learned from them. 

The biggest most valuable thing I can tell you after shooting hundreds of weddings is work with a wedding day questionnaire. Here your bride and groom do ALL the heavy lifting for you. From their answers, you can customize the best plan of action and be one step ahead of the day. Because when you are relaxed and confident everyone feels it and it shows up in your images!

But even more essential then the questionnaire is the understanding and experience to decode the answers. That's where my mini-course comes in. I've bundled my wedding day questionnaire and an extra document together to share everything you need to know. How to learn to befriend the wedding party and family, grow your email list (without asking), establish relations with vendors that lead to referrals, and have the Emcee on your side! The day will be a slam dunk!

Take the stress out of capturing a wedding and let your talents shine grow and prosper! Check out the shop today


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