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You want to thank the nearest are dearest wedding party! I mean they are the people who are standing for you. Being there for you on your wedding day! These are of my absoutle favourite wedding presents! So hang tight and check out all this goodness! 


1.) Crystal Glassware 

Want something timeless, unique, unforgetable yet oh so functional?! Everyone loves a hand blown crystal glass. I mean they are classy AF. Those dudes are going to feel like James bond drinking out of these beauts.

Locally check out Nova Scotia Crystal! 

2.) Cuff Links 

Lets be honest custom for your wedding is best. Getting something unique to reflect your day and is snazzy as heck. Im sure every boy is going to feel like a dapper gentlemen wearing his very own cuff links! I'd recommend checking out this place for the best cuff links

3.) Scotch 

After photographing over 100 weddings and as a student of life... boys like to wet their whistle. Let's give them a reason to enjoy some of the best and finest around. Your boys will be forever thankful that you thought of them and got them the perfect present! We all know to check out the NSLC ;) 

PS Only one present is required but pairs well with the snazzy new crystal glass. 

4.) Watch 

Oh man the wedding related puns that go with giving a watch. Literally Pinterest is full of them. Though technology is often in your hand, be old school and give a "timeless" gift.  You will be glad you did! Halifax Watches

5.) Bow Tie

Your dudes will super appreciate you picking up those details for you! Instead of renting, why not buy bowties for your guys! They will love ya even more for thinking of everything they need. Check out East of Ordinary 

6.) Cigars

Umm how bad ass is this?! Sneaking out for the craziness and getting a cigar break from your guys ! All the goals here ! Check out this spot to pick up your cigars 

7.) chocolates! 

Need I say more? Check out these equally beautiful and delish chocolates. What's even better than that it's all made here and local in Nova Scotia! LURE is the bees knees!  

8.) Wrap it up! 

Check out these adorable little bundles! Gifting many smaller items in the cutest package is bound to score you brownie points with your squad. Check out those chocolates, cigars, and socks. These are all necessary things! If you love the look of a packaged present you NEED to check out the Halifax option of Bennetts boxes. 

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Look how happy these people are! It totally has to do with presents they received .. and not their crazy wedding photographer! Or contact me today!

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