The Modern Couple's guide to Wedding Planning

Recently engaged? Let me be the first of many to wish you congrats on an epic day! As a wedding photographer with years of experience after shooting 100s of wedding tell you this is what you want to consider when you are first engaged! These tips should leave you with a solid plan of how to have your dream day. 


1.) How do you want to remember the day?

When you slipped that ring on your finger what was the first thing that came to mind?  Running through fields of flowers? Bad ass helicopter ride? Or even a room filled to the brim with your nearest and dearest family and friends? Think about your priorities when planning a wedding. When you focus on how you want to feel on your wedding it will keep you on task.

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2.) Create your budget and edit it ruthlessly

Budget is a big one! Think about what you are comfortable spending. Once you have established your over amount think about how the different categories fit into your number. On Pinterest you will see lots guides telling you how to divide up your budget. Ignore these, use your heart and only spend money on things you value. Nowadays we are free to create our own wedding traditions. Think favours are weird? Cut them out in entirely (or make a donation to local charity).  Not a fan ok cake?! Serve your fav treat instead. PS Ive never seen anymore turn down homemade chocolate chip cookies before.

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3.) Create a Guest List/Choose a Venue/Colour Scheme

Whoa..... I just sorta wrote all those three things there like they were super easy! Let me explain how these three things all work together. 

Most regions there are only going to be a handful of places that allow 30, 80 or 300 guests. You are going to let how many people you want to invite choose where you get married. OR your let the venues capacity limit your guest list.

Once you've settle on a spot which confirms your date. The second best advice you will ever get is to ensure your venues colour match your colour scheme. For a cohesive look pick a venue that works in the tones you want. 

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4.) Get Your Vendor Dream Team

Ask the venue, and other who they would recommend. Your wedding pros will have worked behind the scenes and can give you the most valuable knowledge ever. First, pick your photographer they usually book up at the same time as your venue. For long weekends book 2+ years in advance. 

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Happy Planning

This post was made or you out there planning your day! I hope you enjoyed and I hope for the bottom of my heart it was useful.

If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me about your day 

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