Jamie + Justin - Halifax Engagement

We recently met up with Jaime and Justin in Halifax to get some amazing engagement shots ahead of their wedding. These two are super fun, genuine, and outgoing people. The moment we met up with this bride and groom-to-be, we were immediately struck by the feeling that we had always known each other. We never stopped laughing through the entire engagement session—these two can sure light up a room!

Their smiles were so bright, they even lit up the grey, cloudy weather we had on the day of the shoot. Most people would not be as bold as Jaime and Justin were when they saw the heavy clouds and rain, but these two have an incredible ‘DO ANYTHING’ attitude. They played, laughed, skipped, and jumped through the rain with a sort of effortless power that gives them the ability to make the mundane magical. This is what capturing love is all about: watching two people fearlessly bound together toward a lifetime of happiness. 

The rain also lent itself to some amazing photographic opportunities for us. Our favourite image of the session was one where the raindrops created a bokeh effect in front of the lens and pine tree. We love moments like that, where something ordinary is elevated to the extraordinary. After all, that’s what photography and art is all about!

Jaime and Justin brought their beautiful dog Olive along for this session, as well. It’s so important to include the whole family in these big moments, and we loved seeing the three of them together. Olive was a trooper as we hiked out and around through the trees in search of the best places for portraits.

Jaime & Justin, we can’t say enough how much fun we had with the two of you and how grateful we are that you embraced the day with your spirit of adventure! We are over the moon excited to see you both married at Lot 6 and to be part of even more of your joy and love. Thank you for asking us to provide your wedding photography! We can’t wait!

Chantal Routhier

Halifax Wedding Photographer - named as one of Canada's Top 30 Inspiring Wedding Photographers for 2015 by Wedding Bells Magazine