Rory’s Newborn Session - Halifax Baby Photography

On May 15th, I was able to photograph little Baby Rory for his newborn session. This was a special pleasure for me because this was for a couple I also had the pleasure of serving as their wedding photographer.


Laura and Jay’s story has more details and heart than this blog can contain! It all started with a beautiful fairytale wedding in Hubbards, Nova Scotia. The sun was shining, the temperature was just right, and the two of them tied the knot in what was hands-down one of the best days I’ve ever been a part of. The magic was so incredible that their day even featured in Wedding Bells Magazine! I will always consider this day extra special; because of this, my life and career took off after I was named one of Canada’s 30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers.


Needless to say, Laura and Jay will always be held in the highest esteem in my heart!


But while weddings can be some of the most beautiful moments of our lives, we often don’t talk about the rest of the story. And while it may start with a fairy tale, the real journey is only beginning. 


Rory’s Newborn Session: Halifax Baby Photography

Laura and Jay’s journey to parenthood has not been without its heartaches and trials. They faced insurmountable odds head-on with determination, perseverance, patience and love. Through it all, they never gave up hope. Their courage and strength paid off: Rory is a miracle. This baby is gorgeous, a beautiful blend of his mom and his dad, and exactly the angel that they deserve.


Laura and Jay are such natural parents, and it’s the most glorious sight to see them care for the beautiful little one they created. Their joy seems even greater for the journey that brought them here, and I couldn’t be happier for them. This cutie loved being in front of the camera, giving me the best laughs and giggles! It made me so happy to be able to document this new little person created by two people I love.


Jay & Laura, I am so deeply happy for you and your adorable little miracle. Your family is sheer perfection, and I’m so amazed by your love. Capturing the special love shared between you transformed into a tangible, living, little person is more beautiful than I can even describe.


Chantal Routhier

Halifax Wedding Photographer - named as one of Canada's Top 30 Inspiring Wedding Photographers for 2015 by Wedding Bells Magazine