Newfoundland Trip


Very rarely do I get the opportunity to travel. But after Ben and Meg’s amazing wedding at the Keltic Lodge, my partner, Chris, and I decided to allocate a week of our time to explore the enchanting island of Newfoundland, AirBnb-ing it as we went.


Beautiful Gros Mourne National Park

As soon as we arrived off the ferry, we drove straight to Deerlake and to Gros Mourne National Park, where we were awe-struck by the beauty and natural scenery around every corner. But the most amazing part was wildlife! We couldn’t get over how there was literally an animal everywhere we looked. We were so lucky to see majestic eagles, adorable bunnies, beavers, geese, and even caribou frolicking in the sun! At one point, we parked the truck and let the caribou surround us—resulting in my favourite images from Gros Mourne. 


We hiked back to Western Brook and checked out one of the purest lakes in the world, which was nothing short of incredible! We might have had to sneak in… (shhh!) But it was well worth it! Somehow, after that, we may have ended up in a stranger’s house to buy knitted socks. We hadn’t planned on having any misadventures, but let’s just say that Newfoundlanders like to party and like to knit . . . resulting in an experience we won’t soon forget. 


Adventures in St. Johns 

After spending a few days at Gros Mourne, we drove across to St. Johns and rented an AirBnb on historic Jelly Bean Row, just minutes from George Street! It was the perfect base camp for our adventures, especially because Chris was just as willing as I was to jump from one activity to the next in a matter of hours, keeping up the energy the whole time. We dined at the Merchant Tavern, The Duckworth (best fish and chips in St John's), and the much-acclaimed Mallard Cottage, and we never let up the pace! 


Mallard Cottage

I can’t thank Jenn of Twigg and Feather enough for sending us to Mallard Cottage in particular, as it’s been named one of Canada’s best restaurants. Each course that they brought out was better than the last, so that by the time we got to the main course, I actually shed a tear. I’ve never had food that good! And Chris was a wonderful Instagram husband to take a picture of me at Qudi Vidi just before the epic meal. I love this photo—and love even more the genuine happiness we felt in that moment.


Newfoundland Tourism

The first day was wet, so we went to the Rooms and ended up being glad we did. We were so enriched and learned so much that we ended up thankful for the wet weather. We also had a few more misadventures out and about—including the first night when we drank one too many beverages on George Street. Still, I’m grateful to all the people who messaged me on Instagram to steer us toward the Yellow Belly Brewery. That one really stuck out to us—it was amazing!


The next morning, we went ziplining on North America’s longest zipline and had so much fun it was unreal! On the way back, we checked out the famous Cape Spear and even saw tiny icebergs in the distance! My favourite images of Chris were the ones we took at Cape Spear as we read the history and he looked out on the water. We also had to rock our own wool when we saw everyone else’s look and got our own at Nonia.


After spending a week there, I can honestly say Newfoundland was one of the most enchanting places I have ever visited! This was definitely the trip of a lifetime, and I’d say Newfoundland is a must-see for every person.


Chantal Routhier

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