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Recently, I post on my instagram "ASK ME ANYTHING". So many of you responded I thought I'd take the time and make into a blog post. So many of you wanted to know about my shooting style, and even more, of you wanted to know about my personal life! So instead of hiding behind the lens hoping, you won't look to me. Im here wanting share a little more about me and this craft I LOVE!!!! 



Do you live in the South Shore or Dartmouth

Great question! Sometimes I post things from Dartmouth and sometimes I post things from the Shore. Here's the real mckoy. I grew up on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Spending my childhood growing up in an idyllic small town. Though when I turned 18 the call of the city spoke to me and  I've resided in Dartmouth ever since. Currently, I own a home in the downtown, and we love the community we have here! You will often find me at Battery Park, The Canteen, The Watch That Ends The Night, or Lake City Cider.

I'm often torn between the two places and do go back to the ocean often. The sea will always inspire me in my work and you can see its influence in this shipwreck shoot, this dreamy grey wedding inspiration and so much more.

I'm a city girl with a country heart

Can we see more photos of Henri?

As many of you know, my adorable, inquisitive son Henri is the light of my life. Everyday I'm full of gratitude for this amazing boy. When Im with him I'm connected. Im connected with him, the moment, and those beautiful moments only motherhood can bring. Here are a few shots of what my entire heart looks like. 

Halifax Wedding Photographers1.jpg

My favourite spot in Nova Scotia?

So many spots, Blue rocks, The Ovens, we are blessed with so many beautiful areas to photograph! Even the waterfalls of Cape Breton speak to my soul! 

Who is your favourite cousin?

OH DINA! duhhh you need to check her out !



What has been your favourite venue to photograph?

OH gosh this is a tough one to answer because I could never choose just ONE. This question is posed so often I had to write a blog post last year. So you check out my favs here! Weddings in Nova Scotia have a world of Options from a downtown city wedding to dreamy town, and even adventurous venues. 

Halifax Engagement Session.jpg

What are your tips for getting your wedding published?

First, heart, soul and raw emotion. When you are living and connecting in an authentic way nothing else matters when capturing your wedding day. If you must go beyond photographing the heart, beautiful consistent colour palettes, and unique features to help editors select images! This is where wedding planners and wedding inspiration can help!  

Halifax Wedding Photography.jpg

What are you most excited for this season?

Each and every wedding I photograph makes my heart pitter-patter! I love my couples, the venues and all the heart inbetween. But I do feel a little extra special whenever my job takes me further to capture another wedding in a different province. I have a special wedding in Ontario this fall who was the bridesmaid of this special wedding

Halifax Wedding Venue.jpg

Whats my go-to lens?

if you ever seen me shoot you know I jump around lens alot! They are all so different and have so much to offer. If I had to choose one I'd totally pick the 50m though! 

Halifax WeddingPhotos.jpg

How long does it take you to edit wedding photos?

Up to 6 weeks but I try my darnest to get wedding photographs back to you in under 3 weeks! Though I try to get a sneak peek to you within a few days! Because I know how much I'd want that too! It's not official unless its facebook official, right? 

jess final-jess final-0218.jpg

The best part of the wedding day?

My time one on one photographing the Bride and Groom is definitely the best part of being a Halifax wedding photographer! It's that time of the day I get to connect and let you both breathe a big sigh of relief. This is where we get to capture the real you and the little moments you will always remember about your wedding day. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. 




Thanks so much to everyone who sent me a message, question or just love! I hope this added some clarity to me and my proccess! 

Thanks for popping by! 


Chantal Routhier

Halifax Wedding Photographer - named as one of Canada's Top 30 Inspiring Wedding Photographers for 2015 by Wedding Bells Magazine