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Wanna know a secret? Halifax Blogger and I have been friends for YEARS. We were literally BFFs for a huge chunk of time. But it’s hard to believe, sometimes, because when we were close, the internet wasn’t even a thing. We spent countless nights dancing, sharing secrets, and laughing our butts off—but there are no internet posts to back up all that time we spent working and playing hard in our early shenanigans around Halifax!


Let’s fast forward a few years. Our paths have crossed again at different industry events and places, and obviously, we quickly picked up right where we left off! As we both independently grew and started running our own creative businesses. I became a Halifax wedding photographer, while Kayla focused on her fashion blog. So, we thought it would be fun to come together for a quick collaboration. After all, if you can’t love and support your best friends, then what can you do?


Halifax Vendor Collaboration

If you haven’t checked out Kayla at Short Presents yet, do it! It’s a local must-read! She is on top of all things beauty, fashion, and style. And, I would know, since back in the day, she’d always help me with my closet! All of her content is pure gold for Halifax brides, so I wanted to share a few recommended posts for my brides to have at their fingertips.


I have long looked to Kayla for beauty and style advice, and so should you. Plus, she is an absolute ray of sunshine! Seriously, check out these blog posts; they’re amazing:

What to wear to a summer wedding (how cute does that outfit look?)

Tips on how to plan the ultimate bachelorette party

The best sunscreens! Because Brides often get sunburned near and especially ON their wedding day! 

It makes me so happy to share Kayla’s content with my Halifax brides and my other potential customers. For wedding tips, beauty tips, fashion and more, make sure to check out Halifax Blogger Short Presents!

Partner shout-outs!

Kayla's dress is by Le Chateau

Halifax Blogger Short Presents

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