Downtown Dartmouth Stylized Wedding Shoot

Last Saturday, I had an absolutely fabulous time with a stylized wedding shoot by KoKo Mod at Watch That Ends the Night here in downtown Dartmouth! 

This shoot is so close to my heart. So many wonderful friends lent their time and talent to make this wedding photography shoot possible. And most of these vendors are based out of downtown Dartmouth! So, it would mean the WORLD to us if you took a moment and shared this photo shoot with your friends and family. Every time you share an ounce of this local talent, we all do a little happy dance for your support! We poured our collective creative juices together to come up with this modern inspiration for a Dartmouth wedding, and we hope that it inspires you! 

Stylized Wedding Shoot in Downtown Dartmouth

Each and every one of these wedding vendors deserve a big THANK YOU for bringing their complete A-Game to this photography shoot, but individually I need to share some more love.

KoKo Mod was the visionary behind this styled wedding photography shoot, and they put it all together! KoKo Mod’s singular vision and commitment made this whole thing possible! So, if you love this shoot, make sure to follow her work or pop by her shop. Definitely worth it! This modern florist is simply amazing. 

The Watch That Ends the Night was the perfect venue for this photo session! It resides in King’s Wharf in Downtown Dartmouth. Their menu is always changing, but the cuisine is something they like to call ‘Canadian terroir.’ They source all their produce and proteins from local farms. With decor inspired by mid-century North American hotel lounges, this was a truly amazing space to photograph in. I’ve been literally dying to bring a camera in here since it opened, so we’re incredibly grateful to Mark and the team at The Watch for letting us host the photo shoot there.

Nova Scotia Wedding Inspiration

Julia, Janine and Sarah were wonderful and added so much expertise to polishing off the models’ looks. If you learn nothing else today, at least promise me that these pictures have shown you that a good hair and makeup team are worth their weight in gold! 

Cake and stationery — two of our favourite things — were done by two absolute gems, Lupin Design and Gateau Rose

Lupin embodied the shoot with her bold designs encapsulating the entire Watch That Ends the Night space and mood of the shoot. Plus, my girl added tassels?! Game changer.

Gateau Rose added her stunning and always breathtaking work to add a strong yet classic design compliment it all. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

And of course, to our models, Rachel and Cody. We can't thank you two enough for being my bride and groom! You guys rocked and had so much chemistry on camera, even though you just met! You both did a fantastic job and we couldn’t have asked for anything more!

The energy at this shoot was enough to fulfill my creative cup and humble my soul.  When artists come together to share their joy, creativity and work together on a collective vision — that’s magic.

Big thanks to everyone for making the day possible and thanks for all the memories!

Featured Nova Scotia Wedding Vendors

Design and Planning: KokoMod

Wedding Venue & Cocktail: The Watch That Ends the Night

Hair: Everhair

Wedding Makeup Artist: Janine Gerrits

Wedding Cake Maker: Gateau Rose

Wedding Stationery: Lupin Design Studio

Jewelry: Sarah Sears Jewelry

Wedding Dress: Chester & Felicity

Wedding Dress Designer: Lea-Ann Belter

Model Bride - Rachel

Model Groom - Cody

Decor - McFarlands

Halifax Wedding Photographer Chantal Routhier

Chantal Routhier

Halifax Wedding Photographer - named as one of Canada's Top 30 Inspiring Wedding Photographers for 2015 by Wedding Bells Magazine