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This past April, I had the opportunity to be the event photographer for a Leading Ladies Networking event here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  They hold their events in downtown Halifax at Lot Six Atrium, and they’re always a blast, full of positive women helping women.  There was so much great energy and I’m so glad I get to be a part of this amazing organization! 

Leading Ladies Networking Event | Chantal Routhier Photography 

Leading Ladies was founded by the unofficial mayor of Halifax and best event organizer I have EVER MET, Menna Riley.  They’ve been selling out events in Halifax since 2012!  The Leading Ladies Networking events were created for women striving to empower other women, form business collaborations and even create friendships that last a lifetime! 

The events are held in downtown Halifax at Lot Six Atrium, where manager, Sarah, has always been more than accommodating.  These are professional networking events, but they aim to strike a healthy balance between networking and “girls’ night out.” 

When you are a part of a Leading Ladies event, you just know you’re in good hands!  I LIVE for the energy in the room at every event.  I’m all about Women Helping Women, empowering each others’ businesses in impactful and important ways.  Knowing that we are fostering a lovely community here in Halifax absolutely means the world to me, so it’s always a blast when I get the chance to capture these women and their stories.  I’m so honoured to have developed so many wonderful friendships out of this group, as well! 

I’d like to give a BIG thanks to Menna Riley for giving me the chance to be the event photographer for Leading Ladies.  She’s been so amazing for the female business owners and professionals here in Halifax, and I hope to be a part of the Leading Ladies events for years to come! 

Chantal Routhier Halifax Corporate Photography 

If you have a corporate or professional networking event coming up and you’re on the lookout for an event photographer, please don’t hesitate to Get In Touch [link to: www.chantalrouthierphotography.com]!  Event Photography has become a true passion of mine and I love being able to capture energetic, smiling faces at corporate and professional events here in Halifax.   

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